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Vincenzo Scotti
Dear all,

I'm Vincenzo Scotti a phD student of Sapienza University of Rome and for my project I using the Hec-RAS software. I'm writing you for having answers at following questions:

1) In this moment I making a 2D modeling of Houston (TX) in corrispondence of Harvey Hurricane for study the flood in the city. The A.O.I. which I want study is very biggest and with my laptop I can't simulate the event (boundary conditions are: precipitation, stage hydrograph and flow hydrograph) and I ask you wich are better characteristic for a performing PC or server for make this simulation?

2) Can you explain me how the 2D model solve the hydraulic equations (SWE 2D) in corrispondence of:
- complex geometries (ex. buildings);
- when I applied the precipitation on the cells;
- wet and dry of the cells;
- advective terms of the turbolence.

3) Any bug to fix in the future that I might encounter during my 2D simulation in urban areas.

Thank you so much for the answers at my questions and for your time.

Vincenzo Scotti