Basic Issue with Data Sets in SSP

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Basic Issue with Data Sets in SSP

Hello, new here :D

This might seem to you a pretty basic question and probably unrelated because this is after all a Hec-Ras forum, however before I can get to Ras I need to get the data from Hms and before that I need to do a frequency analysis which normally I use the Smada Online website but I want a little bit more depth which I believe SSP can give me.

The problem is that I'm stuck on step one trying to do a General Frequency analysis I cannot select any data set. I tried importing from DSSVue and doing it manually to no avail. In an occasion it told me that I had to add a parameter to the E slot in the pathname (which was empty at the time) and I did, but didn't solve the problem.

Any ideas?
Is there any other free software to do a distribution fit for rainfall?

Thanks in advance.