Computation error Minimum error exceeds allowable tolerance

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Computation error Minimum error exceeds allowable tolerance

HI, could anyone help me with this problem?

 I run unsteady flow simulation and the program show the computation message
Performing Unsteady Flow Simulation  HEC-RAS 5.0.3 September 2016

   ****   ERROR:  Solution Solver Failed   ****

Minimum error exceeds allowable tolerance at   11FEB2014   01:00:00

kali surabaya   1               7.3000*


   ****   The Model Has One Or More Error(s)   ****

Unsteady Flow Simulation Terminated
Writing Results to DSS
Finished Writing Results to DSS

Reading Data for Post Process
    Simulation went unstable at: 11Feb2014 01:01:00
Running Post Processor  HEC-RAS 5.0.3 September 2016

Finished Post Processing

Stored maps were not written because the simulation did not complete.

Computations Summary

Computation Task Time(hh:mm:ss)
Completing Geometry <1
Preprocessing Geometry(64) <1
Unsteady Flow Computations(64) <1
Writing to DSS(64) <1
Post-Processing(64) <1
Complete Process       1

What should I do ?