Consultation on shrinkage and expansion sections

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Consultation on shrinkage and expansion sections

Companions a query regarding the coefficients of contraction and expansion and their respective sections that are included by means of the calculation of some parameters.

It turns out that I am analyzing a vault type arc and upstream the entrance is at a complicated angle where the vault is located and at the exit (Waters Down) the channel changes direction (image was attached)

And my query is whether the length of the contraction section can be left in a non-linear position to the vault. Since my contraction section I have to locate it 12 meters upstream and the expansion section 29 meters downstream.

But it turns out that the channel is somewhat meandering.

And the other thing that if the contraction and expansion factors can be the same as those used in bridges (0.3 and 0.5), for vaults or boxculvert.

I enclose some photos so they can see what they were told, the red arrow indicates the location of the vault. And if you could comment on the distribution of the sections and believe they are correct.

Thanks in advance for your answers!!!