Filtering out non-georeferenced Cross sections

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Filtering out non-georeferenced Cross sections

Alan D
I have a  model with thousands of cross sections, with some georeferenced, but most not.  The georeferenced ones have GIS XSCutLine coordinates in the GIS Tools > XS Cut Lines Table, and the non-georeferenced ones do not.  Is there a quick way to filter out only the georeferenced cross sections?

A separate question:
These georeferenced cross sections are not the length of the GIS XS Cut Line, because a value of 10,000 was added to each cross section, and then additional data (presumably contour elevations) were added before and after the original stationing.  I have used the *Breaking the HEC-RAS Code* book by Chris G. to subtract 10000 from each cross section, but is there a way to also remove all points which have a stationing greater than the length of the GIS XS Cut Line?  

I need the answer to the first question before the second, so if anyone has input on that, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!