HEC RAS 4.1 Import Error, PyRAS

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HEC RAS 4.1 Import Error, PyRAS

Alex Govea
Hello all,

A team and I have been working toward developing a plugin for ESRI's  ArcGIS services that automates channelization inside HEC-RAS. During testing we have run into an error. As a bit of background, we are developing in python and utilizing PyHydro's PyRAS module to access the HEC RAS controller.

The error generated reads, "ImportError: RAS41.HECRASController not found."  The trace back message , shows that the error originates at the invocation of the HEC RAS controller if self. Strangely, this error does not occur each time the controller is invoked. Although not certain,  we believe that the issue may be attributed to "late com_object"  calls from inside the PyRAS container, but are not certain.

Any in-sites or resolutions, would be much appreciated.


Alex G.