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Import n value breaks into GIS

Julia Delphia
When exporting GIS data from HEC-RAS, I select all the additional properties to export. When I go into GeoRAS and set up and run the RASMapping feature, data is imported -- I get my Bank Station points and Water Surface Extent Points, but I do not get the n value break points.

I went into the ArcGIS Catalog and looked at the geodatabase, and n values are NOT there.

I opened the xml file of the HEC-RAS output, and the n values are there!
  <NValue Fraction="0.00000" NValue="0.100" /> 
  <NValue Fraction="0.31295" NValue="0.045" /> 
  <NValue Fraction="0.40849" NValue="0.035" /> 
  <NValue Fraction="0.63542" NValue="0.045" /> 

So, my question is, is there an easy way to get this information from the xml file into ArcGIS? I need to create a map showing these roughness values post channel modification.