Modelling of a rainwater-retention-basin.

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Modelling of a rainwater-retention-basin.


i hope someone can help me. My task is to design a rainwater-retention-basin. I need to know the hight of the basins dam and the outflow of that dam. The hight of the dam should be as low as possible. The rainwater-retention-basin should be a controlled one, but it is not mandatory. The outflow of the basin should be as high as possible to minimize the storage area of the basin and therefore the hight of the dam.

The following is given:

-cross sections
-Flow for calibration and waterlevels for those flows
-The maximum waterlevel behind the dam (from a DGM)
-flow curves of a flood event of 50 years  

What i did so far:

-created my modell with cross sections
-calibrated using the flow (stead flow)

What i dont understand:

-i know that after the dam i need a certain outflow, wich shouldn't be to high, because otherwise buildings etc. would get flooded (thats why we need that rainwater-retention-basin)

-to get that outflow i just turned up the flow of my calibrated model until i reach the maximum waterlevel behind my dam (which is not in the model yet). The maximum waterlevel behind the dam can be determined from a DGM.

Is it correct to do it this way?

And if i have that outflow, how can i use it to model the outflow of my dam. As you can imagine it is not possible to always have that maximum outflow, because my basin needs to be filled over time first.

I hope i explained everything so u can understand my problem and i hope u can help me.

Thank you, best regards