New User have a little problem on the RASController

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New User have a little problem on the RASController

Hi guys,
I am a new user on RASController. I was doing the MonteCarlo Experiment and the following is my code.

Sub montecarloNvalues()

    Dim timestarttime As Variant, timenowtime As Variant, timelapsetime As Variant
    timestarttime = Timer
    Dim sngMeanN As Single, sngStdDev As Single
    sngMeanN = 0.04 'mean 0.04
    sngStdDev = 0.015
    Dim RC As New RAS503.HECRASController
    Dim strRasProj As String 'HEC-RAS project
    Dim sngWSElev() As Single
    strRasProj = "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\HEC Data\HEC-RAS\Example Projects\Applications Guide\Chapter 1 - Critical Creek\" & "CRITCREK.prj"
    RC.Project_Open (strRasProj)

    Dim typegeom As typerasgeom
When I try to run this code in VBA, the compiler said that the User-defined type not defined with "Dim typegeom As typerasgeom"  highlighted.
Could any one give me any help on this?