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Precipitation 2D-HECRAS-Beginner

I need some help regarding adding the precipitation in the HEC-RAS. The constant inflow hydrographs are provided as input for the 2D domain, now the precipitation also needs to be added over the whole 2D domain. The precipitation data consisted of the single value like return period with intensity.

1- In order to add 100-year return period value of 1-hr duration (intensity) is 30mm, How we can add it?

2- What does the actual mean of time series of precipitation? Is it mean the accumulated rainfall?
for example

Date                                 Simulation time                             Precipitation (mm)
11-01-2019 07:00                   00:00                                               30
11-01-2019 08:00                   01:00                                               30
11-01-2019 09:00                   02:00                                               30

Does it mean the total rainfall added on the 2D flow area during the whole simulation time is 90 mm? Please elaborate?

3- If we just want to add 30mm in total for the whole simulation time of three hours (as above), then is it a right approach?

Date                                 Simulation time                             Precipitation (mm)
11-01-2019 07:00                   00:00                                               10
11-01-2019 08:00                   01:00                                               10
11-01-2019 09:00                   02:00                                               10