Projection and Coordinates problem in SDF file generation

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Projection and Coordinates problem in SDF file generation

I exported an SDF file for HEC-RAS input using the HEC-GeoRAS ArcGIS extension. Everything seemed to work well, except that when the exported SDF file is imported in HEC-RAS, the reaches only appear as one straight line on top of each other and cross-section lines are missing.

When I checked the SDF on text editor, I found out that the "PROJECTION ZONE" and "DATUM" are blank. Moreover, the coordinates of each components (reaches, banks, cross-section lines) are also blank.

Prior to exporting the SDF file, I have set the ArcGIS dataframe into the WGS 1984 UTM zone 52N (EPSG 32652) coordinate system and all of the RAS layers are already specified with the same coordinate system. My guess is, HEC-GeoRAS cannot recognize this coordinate system hence everything is left blank (?).

So my questions are:

1. Which coordinate systems are recognized by HEC-GeoRAS?
I am aware that the HEC-RAS projection can be set using PRJ file on the RAS Mapper, but that is not relevant, since the SDF file was generated by HEC-GeoRAS.

2. How to define this very specific coordinate system into HEC-GeoRAS (not into ArcGIS itself because it's straightforward) if need be?
I have explored the HEC-GeoRAS menu and manual and cannot find it. The only example of coordinate system I found is STATEPLANE in the example files.

Would also be glad if anybody would share some tips on how to export those projection and object coordinates to SDF files either using HEC-GeoRAS or even manually. Thank you in advance!