The 6 Canons for posting to The RAS Solution

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The 6 Canons for posting to The RAS Solution

Chris G.
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Canon 1.  Keep Your Question Brief.  Most people who visit this forum do not have a lot of time to read a novel about someone's misbehaving HEC-RAS model.  If you're not getting any responses, see if your post might be too long.  If so, try trimming it up a bit.

Canon 2.  Write Your Question Clearly.  Most people who visit this forum do not want to spend time trying to understand a poorly worded post.  If you're not getting any responses, re-read your post and see if its grammar or description can be improved.

Canon 3.  Understand that No One Reading Your Post Actually Has Your HEC-RAS Model.  Therefore, if you post a question like, "My model is crashing, can someone please tell me why?", you are bound to get no responses.  Be more descriptive (but stay as brief as possible, i.e. still follow Canon 1).  

Canon 4.  Do Not Sell Anything On This Forum.  Spam is obvious and is blocked and the sender banned, as soon as I see it.  But this also includes unsolicited advertisements for other hydraulic modeling software.  Discussion of other software, within the context and spirit of this forum is allowed and encouraged, but remember this is a blog about HEC-RAS.  I reserved the right to make final judgment on what is allowed.  This also includes advertisement for services (i.e. consultation services or course instruction).  However, if your services can benefit the HEC-RAS modeling community and would be of general interest to those that read this blog/forum, I may allow a post IF you send a request to me  first.  

Canon 5.  Be Appropriate.  Let me qualify this next point by saying this has NOT been a problem on this forum.  But I want to keep it that way.  So...Insulting, disparraging, crude, obscene, sarcastic, snarky, and otherwise inappropriate posts or responses left on this forum will be deleted and the author may be banned.  More likely you'll get a warning, then you'll get banned if it becomes a problem.  What constitutes "inappropriate" is determined by me.
Canon 6.  Read the Manuals and search The RAS Solution!   Please, before you post a question, at least crack open the HEC-RAS User's Manual and/or Hydraulic Reference Manual.  If you have the software, you have the manuals.  You can access them from the Help menu item.  And they are very well written.  Also, there are tons of posts on The RAS Solution.  You can use the convenient search tool on the side bar to search for specific topics.  I understand that it's not always easy to find what you're looking for-but at least make the effort first.    

Since I've already broken Canon 1, by not keeping this brief, I'll leave it at this.

Happy RAS Modeling-

Chris G.