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Si Units Floodplain Delineation Using Raster Error
— by Patel Patel
Hello, I am using both Hec-GeoRas and HecRas to model flows. I have created my geometry files in ArcGIS, I am able to export and import completely fine between systems when I have set HecRAS to use US customary units. However when I run the exact same geometry but change the units to SI Units I am unable to run the ‘Floodplian Delineation Using Raster’ tool (in ArcGIS).
The error I get is:

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMEException (0x80041098): ERROR 010151: No features found in the J:\November18\Plan\test\fdtemp.shp. Possible empty feature class. at SRI.ArcGIS.GoeAnalyst.RasterConversionOpClass.RasterDataToPolygonFeatureData (IGeoDataset dataset, IWorkspace pWorkspace, String name, Boolean weeding)
at HecGEORAS.clsMFloodGRIDIntersection.GridtoPolygon1(IRaster pRaster, IGeoDataset pGeoln, IWorkspace pWS, String sName, Boolean sWeeding)

Could someone please explain why this error is occurring
Thank You